About BCC Rally

About Bcc rally not for profit organization

In 2004, a group of friends decided to get together to play golf for a purpose. Unfortunately it rained, so the day was more about lunch than golf, but they raised $1,000 from their small raffle, which they were pleased to send off to Susan G. Komen®. Thanks to the dedication of its hard-working volunteers, BCC Rally has expanded to include a week of events and is now a fully registered 501(c)(3) charity organization.

Although the organization has grown, the goals remain the same; to educate by spreading awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds to help those battling this disease without adequate resources.

The 14th Annual BCC Rally, benefiting Susan G. Komen® was held in September of 2017 and includes an evening benefit, tennis event and ladies golf and luncheon.

  • Since 2004, BCC Rally has raised $1.98 million.
  • In 2013, BCC Rally became the first Rally to be inducted into the Lifetime Pink Ribbon Circle, a society of corporate partners and donors who have each invested more than $1 million in the fight against breast cancer.
  • The Pink Bow Campaign raised more than $89,000 in 2016, and extended to neighborhoods, businesses and schools across Charlotte and beyond. Pink bows have been displayed in more than 30 states and many countries.
  • 75% of monies raised through BCC Rally directly benefit Charlotte and 13 surrounding counties
  • 25% supports research through SGK national headquarters – recipients in NC include UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke Universities.
  • BCC Rally includes an all-volunteer organizing committee of more than 50 people, with more than 250 men, women and children volunteering to help run the Rally events and the Pink Bow Campaign
More than $1.9 Million Raised since 2004
First Rally to Raise $1 Million to Fight Breast Cancer
Pink Bow Campaign Raised $89,000 in 2016
75% Directly Benefits Charlotte & 13 Surrounding Counties
25% supports research
Committee of Over 50 People