Every Penny Counts

Every Penny Counts

More than thirty years ago, Penny Eisenberg moved to the Charlotte area with her husband Carl where she raised her two children, Beth and Eric, became a great baker and a sports enthusiast. She volunteered with numerous community organizations including Crisis Assistance Ministry and the refugee settlement program of the Jewish Federation. She has been an active volunteer with BCC Rally since 2004. She hopes to participate in this September’s BCC Rally golf and luncheon but has had to relinquish her volunteer responsibilities due to extensive time away.

Penny shared her views on her experience with BCC Rally compared to other non-profits. “In working with Rally there is a camaraderie. I enjoyed doing something that makes a tremendous difference, being an integral part of the effort- that is the thing that will be hard to duplicate somewhere else. Meeting your neighbors and making new friends is a big part of Rally. Also, by meeting survivors you develop a very acute awareness that what you do can make changes in their lives.” She added “Leaving friends, this will be hard…my experience with BCC Rally is not replaceable.”

BCC Rally needs volunteers. Devoting a few weeks to handle a pink bow campaign or a few hours each week to plan an event or offering a talent such as graphic design would be invaluable. The rewards of volunteerism are great including developing lasting, irreplaceable friendships. BCC Rally is 100% volunteer driven and every Penny counts.

For more information, contact Marcia Myers Gainer, 2015 Board President.

Penny’s volunteerism extends far beyond BCC Rally. The refugee resettlement movement through the Jewish Federation and HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aide Society) was a particular passion for her; she is still in contact with some of the initial families who came to Charlotte through that organization. She volunteered with Medassist for two years. She served as President of B’nai B’rith, Charlotte day chapter and served on the Jewish Federation Board.In addition, Penny also volunteered for over two decades at the Crisis Assistance Ministry which oversees funds from various sources in the federal, state and local government and the private sector. As a counselor, she interviewed applicants about their immediate needs for utilities, clothing, food or housing and matched them with the appropriate resources. Eventually, she served on the board of the Crisis Assistance Ministry and only left that organization when she became more involved with BCC Rally.

Penny was one of the original friends who created a Rally for the Cure® event in Ballantyne. They came together to play golf to raise funds for breast cancer research and programs. In the first few years, the BCC Rally group was comprised solely of neighbors whose friendship grew as their commitment to the organization and its mission evolved. As BCC Rally expanded, Penny assumed many different responsibilities where her attention to detail was in demand. A few of her roles included event registration and website development and administration. She has helped with the auction including the transition from a paper intensive process to an automated one with a cellular system component. Penny’s husband even secured the first sponsor, Charlotte Radiology. “Over the years there have been many changes with BCC Rally that ultimately enabled the organization to grow,” said Penny.

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