How to Start Your Pink Bow Campaign

Contact TODAY to start your campaign!

We will send you bows on consignment, together with suggested flyers, forms and templates for marketing and record-keeping.
You send back to BCC Rally all funds raised, together with any unsold bows by October 31.

Steps that Help Pink Bow Campaigns Succeed

Pink bows on front door
  1. Request HOA approval if required.
  2. Spread the word- email your neighbors, distribute flyers, go door to door, or create a community event.
  3. Tie bows on mailboxes, trees or lampposts as orders are received, or tie all bows once all orders are received.
  4. Remove bows at the end of October.
Pink Bows supporting breast cancer
Pink Bows at Work
  1. Obtain permission from management.
  2. Spread the word to employees through email, announcements, or word of mouth.
  3. Display bows on doors, cubicles, and even computers.
  4. Encourage competition between departments; host a “wear pink to work day” for a $5 donation; ask management to match funds raised by employees.
  5. Alternatively, encourage management or department leaders to purchase bows to pink up their offices.
Pink Bows at Work

With over 100 volunteers bringing bows to their neighborhoods, schools and workplaces the BCC Rally Pink Bow Campaign has raised over 500,000 since 2008, contributing to the $1.9 million that BCC Rally has raised since 2004. Friends, neighbors, business colleagues and even school children can be part of the continued community impact of successful Pink Bow Campaigns.”
-Carol Aaron, Pink Bow Captain

Pink Bows for my School
  1. This is a great community service opportunity for students.
  2. Obtain permission from principal and enlist the help of a teacher, a club and/or parents.
  3. Bows can be sold during lunch, or at specific school events. Sports teams can designate a “Pink Out” game as a great way to involve the entire school community.
  4. Encourage students and faculty to tie bows on their backpacks, cars, hair, lockers, and classroom doors.
Pink Bows in Schools